Ready to start attracting the proper styling clients and opportunites? Learn about each stylist type and how to determine your stylist type with ease (even if you haven't started styling yet)!

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The Ultimate Guide to Determining your

Stylist Type

Being a successful stylist is already a challenge within itself. But having to determine which stylist type you actually want to be is even more overwhelming.

Did you know that there are OVER 10 stylist types that exist? With many of them being extremely similar, it can be very difficult to differentiate each type and what they entail.

So, I created a step-by-step guide to help you determine your stylist type with ease. This guide includes detailed descriptions of each type and 4 steps to help you determine your actual stylist type!

Why I created this e-book:

When I started my styling journey as an Editorial Stylist in 2014, I had no idea other stylist types even existed. I was literally doing what I saw other stylists doing; forcing myself in a direction that I didn't really want to go into.

It wasn't until 3 years later when I actually found my passion in personal styling. I knew I couldn't have been the only stylist dealing with this problem. And when I became a Style Biz Coach, I began to connect with stylists who were just as confused about the stylist types as I once was.

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Throughout this e-book, you'll learn:

About each stylist type (with detailed descitptions) and what each type entails

The 4 steps to determine your stylist type and how to begin positioning yourself as that type

How I transitioned from one stylist type to another and how you can do the same

How to position yourself as your desired stylist type on social media

What it looks like to create your own unique stylist type

This e-book is for:

Aspiring stylists who are excited to get into the styling industry but aren't sure the type of stylist they want to be just yet

Emerging stylists who have been marketing themselves as a specific stylist type but aren't quite seeing the clients or opportunities they want to see

Emerging stylists who want to explore other stylist types and potentially transition to another type

This e-book is NOT for:

Stylists who are content with their stylist type and already have consistent clients

Stylists who are already attracting the proper clients they want

Stylists who are already recieving the opportunities they want



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